Blizzard Warning for Jan 22 through Jan 24

Blizzard Warning for Winter Storm Jonas in effect from 3 pm Friday to 6 am Sunday.

Snow accumulation of 18 to 24 inches is expected.

If at all possible, please park your vehicles in your driveway/garage/designated spot. The snow plow operators have expressed difficulty in plowing near corners and intersections where cars are parked along the curb.

Town Home Owners: Please DO NOT PARK along Mericrest Way or corner of Jostaberry by SWM Pond. (This is where excess snow will be plowed)

Single Family Home Owners: If you must park on the street, please park on the even numbered side of the street.  If all cars are parked on the even numbed side of the street, this will make it much easier for snow plows to come through.

Please see the following parking recommendations from Anne Arundel County:

Help us to serve you better by parking your vehicles in your driveway during a winter storm if at all possible. If off-street parking is not available, parking your vehicles on the even numbered side of the road is recommended. If our snowplow driver cannot safely access your street due to on-street parking, service will be delayed until adequate access is available or until smaller equipment becomes available. If you are unsure of your street type (main, community, etc.), please visit where you can enter your address to learn this information.

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