Street Tree Spraying: Monday, June 22nd

On Monday June 22nd, Davey Tree will be inspecting and spraying all 750 street trees in Chapel Grove. Please avoid parking your vehicle in front of the street trees on Monday so that Davey can gain access to the trees and reduce the risk of getting treatment fluid on your vehicle.

The specific services Davey Tree performs throughout the warmer months is a onetime aeration and deep root fertilization, plus six service calls where they will inspect our trees for diseases and pests, and provide any required treatments during the course of the growing season. While these are necessary actions to protect our investment in trees and to keep our community looking attractive, they are not the only action required.

Homeowners are responsible for watering, trimming and mulching street trees on their properties.  Please trim low hanging tree branches so that pedestrians can safely use sidewalks.  Refer to the two attached documents for guidance on pruning and proper mulching.

Please see:

  1. Proper Mulching Techniques
  2. Proper Pruning Techniques
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