Street Tree Fungus

You may have noticed that a number of the linden variety of our street trees along Seneca Drive have lost a great deal of their leaves. The cause is a fungal disease called anthracnose, and it affects many plants, including vegetables and fruits, in addition to trees. Anthracnose is most severe in those years when cool, wet conditions prevail at the time new leaves are emerging, just the kind of Spring we had this year. It can spread very quickly during rainy seasons, again a condition we have had this year.

The trees have been sprayed with a fungicide in an attempt to control the disease. The trees are also being monitored closely and most do have new buds forming. Since it is so late in the year, it is hard to predict if there is sufficient time for a complete new leaf growth this year, but the expectation is they should recover next year, if this year’s infestation can be controlled.

Besides spraying and removal of dead or dying trees, another control step is to remove/destroy infected leaves. These are the fallen leaves that can collect at the base of the tree or in the yard turf. They should not be mulched into the soil or turf by lawnmowers. Homeowners are therefore encouraged to ensure that the leaves are collected and disposed of in the weekly yard waste pick-up. Otherwise there is a great risk of infecting other plants in the area or re-infecting the street trees next year again.

Your help in this effort will go a long way in continuing to maintain an attractive community appearance and to protect your investment in the community.

Bruce Duray
Landscaping Committee

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