New Architectural Guidelines

The Board of Directors’ have received many questions over the past years asking for clarification of wording and verbiage included in the Architectural (ARC) Guidelines.  To provide clarity the Covenants Committee and Board of Directors have revised some of the rules and regulations while remaining compliant with the HOA Governing Documents; DCCR, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.  Please find a complete and updated version of the communities ARC guidelines here:

A priority of the Board of Directors was to not overstate, or impose more stringent regulations than those directed and substantiated by the governing documents. ARC Guidelines are used as an easy tool to understand the specifics embedded within the overarching governing documents, all changes in verbiage have been reviewed by the Association’s attorney to ensure the guidelines are compliant.

It is not the Board’s intent to be too prohibitive as it applies to modifications; moreover these changes are designed to provide topical clarity to ensure our community will always be an attractive and desirable place to live, and for all homeowners to understand what architectural standards exist and adhered to and will be enforced.

The Board of Directors will have an open discussion of the changes to this document at the next annual meeting, scheduled for 2 November.  Please take this opportunity to review the enclosed updated document alongside the document you received when you purchased your home to review changes in verbiage.

Written comments and questions about the guidelines are encouraged and will be addressed first at the annual meeting.  Please send written correspondence to our Association Manager, Kerrie Wilson via email to, you may also mail/fax to address/number listed below. All other questions and requests for understanding of why specific changes were made will be addressed at the annual meeting, time permitting.

Homeowners, please remember that you are responsible for providing all rules and regulations to your tenants and that an application must be approved in writing for all exterior modifications.

Look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Annual meeting!


Chapel Grove Board of Directors

About Mike Miller

Resident of Chapel Grove (of course), member or original Board of Directors (BOD), and member of the Communications Committee.
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