Proposed Landfill Near Chapel Grove

Chapel Grove Community,

In an effort to spread awareness to the Chapel Grove community regarding the proposed plans for the construction and operation of the 72-acre Tolson Landfill that will abut Piney Orchard and surrounding areas the following information is provided.

The site is located on the Capitol Raceway property, which is only 500 feet from Piney Orchard neighborhoods and even closer to GORC Park and the Four Seasons community.  For more information, please visit

Please join the local opposition in raising awareness and seeking support against the Maryland Department of Environment’s (MDE) tentative approval of the rubble landfill application.  The local community was only recently made aware of this landfill proposal, and it is actively working to stop its approval.  During the landfill application process, Tolson and Associates did not inform nearby property owners of their proposal, nor did they provide current site maps to MDE, thus neglecting to mention that the proposed site would be adjacent to a densely-populated area of 10,000+ residents and ~4,500 homes.

As a primary course of action, volunteers are urged to submit hardcopy letters expressing their opposition and concern before the public comment period ends on Friday, September 30 since MDE is required to provide a response to each letter received.  Hardcopy letters should be addressed to the below; letters must be received on or before close of business on Friday, September 30, 2011:

Mr. Horacio Tablada, Director, Land Management Administration

1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230-1719

Additional details and testimony from the community:


Given the criticality of this topic and the damaging effects it would have on our community if the Tolson Landfill proposal were accepted, please join the cause and express your opposition against the Landfill proposal to MDE in writing before Friday, September 30, 2011.


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