Proper Tree Care

The HOA Board of Directors (BOD) has executed a service agreement with Davey Trees for specific services on the shade and flowering trees originally planted by Winchester Homes along the street and in the community common areas of Sections 1 – 6.  Last year Davey Trees performed that same service on Sections 1 – 4 trees.  Until this year, Winchester Homes was responsible for planting and maintaining the common area and street trees in Sections 5 and 6.  At the request of the HOA BOD, Winchester did do some replanting in those two sections late last year prior to the responsibility turn-over.

The specific services Davey Tree will perform is a one time aeration and deep root fertilization, plus six service calls where they will inspect our trees for diseases and pests, and provide any required treatments during the course of the growing season.  While these are necessary actions to protect our investment in trees and to keep our community looking attractive, they are not the only action required.  Watering and proper mulching to maintain that moisture, especially during the summer months, are also required.  The HOA BOD will ensure common area street trees are watered.  However, homeowners are responsible for watering and mulching street trees on their properties.  Please refer to the two attached documents for guidance on watering and proper mulching.  During Davey Trees’ first inspection visit this year, they again noted that several of our street trees are improperly mulched.  Mulching is one of those items where “too much”, especially when mulch volcanoes are created, is harmful.

Without care, the street trees will die.  Replacements are on the order of $200 to $300 each, a cost that has to come out of the dues that all of us homeowners are assessed.  Accordingly, this year’s annual inspection checklist will address mulching under yard maintenance.

Please see:

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