May 2009 Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Board Meeting

May 27, 2009

[These notes can be downloaded here]

The Board of Directors of Chapel Grove Homeowner’s Association met at Waugh Chapel Elementary School on Wednesday, May 27, 2009.  Present were:

Doug Zander – President

Tracey Warren – Vice President

Neil Berger – Treasurer

Heidi McLean – Secretary

Byron Malogrides – Member-at-Large

Kerrie Wilson – ProCom

Geoff Voight – Wells Fargo

Gail Kramer – Recording Secretary

Josh Mahoney – Landscape Committee

Marion Moore – Homeowner

Nine additional homeowners

Absent:  John Faasen and James Frank – Members-at-Large


Doug Zander called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


Doug introduced Geoff Voight to the membership.  Mr. Voight managed the association’s funds when he worked at Smith Barney and since left that firm to go work at Wachovia.  Mr. Voight provided the following information:

  • Managed Chapel Grove’s funds for three years and during that time period developed a written investment policy that the association’s funds must be in FDIC deposits, treasury notes and money market accounts.
  • The association does not pay any fund management fees.
  • Most of his clients are Naval Academy graduates and one of the reasons he left Smith Barney was because he was told clients with less than $75,000 clients will be taken from him and placed in a call center.  Mr. Voight stated he felt it was wrong to do that so he left Smith Barney.
  • There are no account minimums, no administrative fees at Wachovia.

After Mr. Voight left the meeting the board discussed the history of the association’s relationship with Smith Barney and lack of communication regarding two CDs that recently matured.  Neal motioned to authorize ProCom to move the association’s investment accounts from Smith Barney to Wachovia to be invested in accordance with the association’s investment policies.  Byron Malogrides seconded the motion.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was unanimously approved.  The board also agreed to authorize Mike Finley, Jerry Pruchniewski, Neil and Doug as signatories on the accounts.


The board agreed to table approval of the April 22, 2009 minutes because the board did not get them in time to review them.


Neil provided the following treasurer’s report:

  • Provided the association’s monthly financial information.
  • Currently running a $46,243 surplus.
  • Under budget for the year $36,236.
  • Reserve account has $133,000 in operating rainy day fund and $218,000 in repair/replacement fund.
  • Byron noted the FDIC increased the insured level from $100,000 to $250,000 and questioned whether some funds would need to be moved.  Neil suggested the board consider moving some money in June.   Byron noted the annual reserve contribution has not been made yet.  Kerrie Wilson stated ProCom will move the funds whenever the board is ready.  Byron noted a $14,000 carryover from last year’s account was not spent and was left in the checking account to be used for the year’s start up money.  Normally the board waits to move that money into the rainy day fund when the checking account is built up.


Kerrie provided the following management report:

  1. Transfers of Ownership

  • None to date
  1. Projects Completed/Underway

    • Seasonal Changes – inspection report, newsletter
    • Tree removal letter.
    • Anchor Aquatics – pool party application.
    • Three proposal – tot lot wood carpet:
  1. Playground Specialists – $6,678.00
  2. Gold Leaf Group – $5,737.50
  3. Seasonal Changes – $6,500.00
  4. Annapolis Painting – $2,425, gatehouse (optional) – $695.00
  5. CertaPro Painters – $1,650, gazebo (optional) – $1,030
    • Two proposals – pool house:
    • Overall, pool pass distribution went well
    • Neil reported there is a tree behind Arkblack on the path that was cut but is being held up by another tree.    Josh Mahoney said he would investigate the issue and report his findings to Kerrie.
  1. Correspondence

  • 2401 Killarney – request for replacement tree
  • Letter and e-mail received – complaint regarding 1209 Steuben
  • Letter sent – 699 Reliance regarding lawn maintenance
  • E-mail received – 699 Reliance regarding lawn maintenance
  • Letter sent – 1708 Jonafree regarding returned check for stop payment
  • Letter sent – 2482 Jostaberry regarding nuisance


COMMUNICATIONS – Heidi McLean provided the following report:

  • Apologized for the miscommunication on the website regarding the meeting’s start time.
  • James, the current webmaster, would like someone else to take over the job.  Homeowners were encouraged to contact Heidi if they are interested in helping.    A volunteer is needed by July 1st.  Discussion regarding the feasibility of utilizing the website in its current state and the potential costs to design a new one ensued.
  • The next edition of the newsletter will be published in June and mailed to homeowners with the meeting announcement letter.  Homeowners were encouraged to contact Heidi if they have information they would like included in the newsletter.
  • Researched sandwich board options as a way to communicate with the homeowners and the average cost is $150 for one sign.   Heidi motioned to approve option 2 of the information she sent the board, at a cost not to exceed $750 to purchase three signs and kits.  Tracey Warren seconded the motion.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was unanimously approved.  Heidi will also purchase locks so the signs can be locked to a post.


Kerrie noted the committee has a deadline for homeowners to submit architectural change applications.  Doug suggested the committee post information on the application process to the website and in the newsletter so homeowners can understand the process.

LANDSCAPE – Tracey provided the following report:

  • Knab’s Tree Service contract was addressed.  Kerrie reported the owner has completed 50% of the work and is requesting the association make pay half of the contract’s invoice.   Tracey noted the original bid was $10,000 and some change and because a partial payment of 50% was not part of the contract she suggested paying Knab’s 35% of the approved bid.  Doug questioned what the board is doing to confirm ½ the project has been done.  Josh Mahoney, the landscape chair agreed to inspect the community to determine if half of the work has been done and will report back to the board.  Neil motioned to pay Knabs Tree Service the requested payment of $5,000 contingent upon board verification the work has been done.  Byron seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.
  • The board reviewed the Atlantic Lighting and Irrigation contract.  Tracey motioned to approve the contract.  Neil seconded the motion.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was unanimously approved.    Doug suggested Tracey and her committee consider Josh Mahoney’s suggestion to consider Atlantic Lighting for irrigation and electrical services and then advise the board of their recommendation.
  • Tracey reported Bel Air repaired the electrical issues at the gatehouse and fixed the pool lights.  Kerrie noted the repairs are guaranteed for one year and explained the repairs to the lights at the pool.  The total expense was $2,043 for the gate house and $512 for labor and materials at the pool.  Tracey noted the electric lines were not properly installed at the gatehouse and suggested the board consider addressing the issue with Winchester Homes because it was a builder error.
  • Discussed the Seasonal Changes contract in regard to seasonal plantings.  Josh noted Seasonal Changes is not a design company and suggested the committee seek bids from landscape design firms.  Tracey and Josh were tasked with reviewing options and providing their recommendations to the board.   It was noted the association has a 90 day notice termination clause in its Seasonal Changes contract.
  • There was extensive review of the three proposals Kerrie secured for tot lot wood carpet including delivery timelines and product specifications.    Tracey motioned to approve the proposal from Gold Leaf Group for $5,737.50 provided delivery is within a reasonable length of time.  If not, she will contact the board with a secondary option.  Heidi seconded the motion.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was unanimously approved.

POOL – Neil provided the following information:

  • ProCom handled the distribution of the pool passes and he did not hear any complaints.
  • The board reviewed four bids to wash and paint the pool house.  Neil motioned to accept The Painting Company’s bid for $2,387.63.  Byron seconded the motion.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was unanimously approved.
  • A homeowner reported trash cans purchased for the pool last year are missing.  Doug noted as the pool committee liaison Neil can execute the purchase of items for the pool if the cost is under $500.  The same homeowner said additional chairs need to be purchased as well.  Doug tasked Neil with investigating the issue.

SAFETY – Byron Malogrides provided the following report:

  • Officer Henry arrested a young lady driving without a license because it was suspended.  The officer also stopped nine vehicles one Saturday morning between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • The committee will try to get a representative from the Anne Arundel County Neighborhood Watch program to attend the July meeting.


Sharon Cinotti reported the committee will meet June 1st to plan activities.  Doug said the social committee needs to coordinate with the pool committee because there are a couple of events being considered at the pool.  Heidi asked Sharon for the schedule by June 7th.


  1. Kerrie reported a homeowner expressed concern via e-mail regarding another homeowner who sits and points a machine gun outside.
  2. In response to a homeowner’s question regarding tot lots Doug reported the board is in the early stages of investigating options, i.e., upgrading existing lots, replacing or adding new equipment, etc.  Tracey said part of the research will be determining how many tot lots are required in a community of this size, homeowner feedback, etc.   Doug assured the homeowner the board would not be making any decisions on the tot lots without seeking input from homeowners.
  3. A homeowner reported there is a problem with teenagers loitering from 8:00 p.m. until the early morning hours and thought the board should be aware of the situation.  Doug acknowledged the concern and advised homeowners to call the police, advise ProCom, and that Officer Henry can be notified of the problem.  .


Meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m.

Approved as written: ________________________________________________

Approved as amended: _______________________________________________

Submitted via e-mail to Kerrie Wilson at ProCom on June 10, 2009

Gail Kramer/Recording Secretary

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